Publication Policies

Open Access:

The Internet and web have enabled individual faculty to make their articles widely, openly, and freely available. It’s obvious that articles available freely online are more often cited and have more impact than those which are not freely available, and this flow is increasing with the time. Consequently, many faculty already make their writings available on their web pages, sometimes in potential violation of copyright law and sometimes through individual copyright negotiations with publishers. The Open-Access Policy allows faculty authors to make their writings open accessed. Hence, the content would be freely available to the accessing individuals.

Consistent with the goals of open access and ensuring wide visibility and availability of scholarly articles, the license allows us to enable both commercial and nonprofit entities to use the articles to provide search or other services, so long as the articles are not being sold for a profit.

Publication by GRD Journals is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

For instance, the license allows us to enable the articles to be indexed on services, indexing libraries, with the purpose of giving more exposure to them, and to be used to provide other value-added services that don't include selling the articles by themselves for their own financial benefits. GRD Journals also could authorize use of the articles in a commercial service that provides information extracted from the articles (but not the full text itself), such as bibliographic data or citation lists.


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Peer – Review and article acceptance:

GRD journals tries maintain the standards of peer review while increasing the efficiency of the process.

All research articles published in GRD Journals goes through full peer review, key characteristics of which are listed below:

All research articles are reviewed by qualified experts.

All publication decisions are made by the journals’ Editors-in-Chief on the basis of the reviews provided

Managing Editors and Editorial Assistants provide the administrative support that allows GRD journals to maintain the integrity of peer review while delivering rapid turnaround and maximum efficiency to authors, reviewers and editors alike.

Editors of GRD journals will decide promptly whether to accept, reject, or request revisions of referred papers based on the reviews and editorial insight of the supporting journals. In addition, Editors will have the option of seeking additional reviews when needed. Authors will be advised when Editors decide further review is needed.

Editors will decide whether each submission reports well-conducted research with conclusions supported by the data presented in the paper. Assessments of priority will not be a factor in decision-making, but all papers must make an incremental or novel addition to the literature.


Copy Rights:

GRD Journals is totally committed to the highest standards of publishing, with double-blind peer review. In all that we do, we work to ensure the widest possible reach of the articles that are published by us, to enhance the reputation of the author, the journal, its Editor and Editorial Board, and the value that we add as publisher.

For the same consent, we ask authors of articles accepted for publication to agree upon our Copyright Transfer agreement. The transfer of copyright is standard practice in journal publishing. This enables us, as the publisher, to negotiate subsidiary licences to database aggregators and document supply companies, and allows permissions to reproduce the content with citation to author.

It also enable us to defend and enforce authors' rights against plagiarism, copyright infringement, unauthorised use and, most important for authors' professional reputation, breach of authors' moral rights.

In case, if any author face any issue of copyright infringements, they have to notify the claim us at our email address for the same issue.

The claim must be sufficed by documented evidence supporting the same version as being published or copyrighted or patented by the aggrieved party before the date of publication of the concerned journal article. On receipt of the claim, the committee, if found deemed, shall inform the author to provide an explanation; the discussion of which shall be transparent to both parties.

The GRD Journals Board reserves the sole rights to decide the validity of any such claims. After deliberation, if the claim is found justified, the concerned manuscript will be removed from all GRD Journals archives and servers. Any subsequent print copies of the concerned issue will not contain the article. In case, the changes required are minimal such as inclusion of references, the authors will be intimated to do the required amendments according to our article correction policies. The alternative version shall undergo peer-review as any other general submission and shall be published in the same issue (number) of the concerned volume.

Any claims on copyright will be addressed with the highest priority. A revert mail will be dispatched within 3 working days provided the claim is supported with documented evidence.


Author Copyright Agreement

Before publishing any work, an author must agree upon/taken approval for the following terms and conditions:

Copyright Agreement:

Copyright to the our work (including without limitation, the right to publish the work in whole, or in part, in any and all forms) is hereby transferred to Global Research and Development Journals (GRD Journals), to ensure widest dissemination and protection against infringement. No proprietary right other than copyright is proclaimed by GRD Journals. Under the Following



  1. The services of the original author must be acknowledged;
  2. In case of reuse or distribution, the license conditions must be clarified to the user of this work;
  3. Any of these conditions can be ignored on the consent of the author.

License Agreement:

[1] The article submitted is an original work and has neither been published in any other peer-reviewed journal nor is under consideration for publication by any other journal. More so, the article does not contravene any existing copyright or any other third party rights.

[2] I am/we are the sole author(s) of the article and maintain the authority to enter into this agreement and the granting of rights to GRD Journals does not infringe any clause of this agreement.

[3] The article contains no such material that may be unlawful, defamatory, or which would, if published, in any way whatsoever, violate the terms and conditions as laid down in the agreement.

[4] I/we have taken due care that the scientific knowledge and all other statements contained in the article conform to true facts and authentic formulae and will not, if followed precisely, be detrimental to the user

[5] I/we permit the adaptation, preparation of derivative works, oral presentation or distribution, along with the commercial application of the work.

[6] No responsibility is assumed by GRD Journals, its staff or members of the editorial board for any injury and/or damage to persons or property as a matter of products liability, negligence or otherwise, or from any use or operation of any methods, products instruction, advertisements or ideas contained in a publication by GRD Journals.

I/We hereby certify that I/We am authorized to sign this document either in my own right or as an agent of my employer, and have made no changes to the current valid document supplied by.


Publication charge/Refund Policy:

The publication charge can be submitted to GRD Journals as per mentioned on our publication charges page. The author shall only submit the publication charges after receiving the acceptance from GRD Journals.

The board, for ensuring journal quality, if finds the article not good enough to match the bar set for publication, can ask for subsequent revisions until the article is not fully acceptable.

The article if not published or rejected after multiple revisions, is subjected to refund if the publication charge is already made by author. The refund process will take at least 15 working days to proceed. The authors are requested to be supportive for the same.

The publication charges will not be refunded after the article is published. Any removal of article due to copyright infringement, author request, board decision will be non-refundable.